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LONGINES (Vintage Watch) / ヴィンテージ ロンジン
LONGINES (Vintage Watch) / ヴィンテージ ロンジン

LONGINES (Vintage Watch) / ヴィンテージ ロンジン



コンティニュエ エクストラ・スペース(恵比寿)とコンティニュエ日本橋(日本橋)では、50〜60年代を中心とした奥深い魅力を放つロンジンならではのモデルをセレクトしています。



Longines was founded in Saint-Imier, Switzerland in 1832 and still producing traditional watches. They are so popular in Switzerland where is the capital of watch industry that a train station built only for this company. They has been received a lot of prizes in their long history as a manufacturer that produced luxury and high quality watches and we could see the prize-seals on their case back often. In around 1900s, their watches helped adventurers like an arctic expedition with their elaborated mechanism. Longiness name was spread more when Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic wearing Longiness pilot watch. The design of this pilot watch got huge popular in the whole world.
Continuer Extra Space(Ebisu) and CONTINUER NIHOMBASHI (Nihonbashi) selected their fascinating 50-60s items mainly.


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