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Lunor / ルノア
Lunor / ルノア

Lunor / ルノア

1992年ブランドを創業し、アイウェアシーンで確固たる地位を築く世界有数のブランド[Lunor / ルノア]。創業者であるゲルノット・リンドナー氏は、世界的に有名なアンティークアイウェアの蒐集家。14歳から蚤の市を回り集めたというコレクションの数は3000本を超え、それらをもとにデザインされた美しいプロダクトは、ユーザーのみならず、世界中のオプティシャンにも影響を与えます。


ルノアのプロダクトは、アイウェアの生産において高い完成度を誇るドイツと日本で行われてきましたが、2020年にはドイツに自社ファクトリーを設立。”made in Germany”を継承すべく、自社での生産をスタートさせました。定番モデルの安定的な生産や過去にルノアから発表された名を復刻するなど、安定的かつ継続的なものづくりを目指し進化を続けています。






Founded in 1992, Lunor is one of the world’s leading brands that has established a solid position in the eyewear scene. Mr. Gernot Lindner, the founder of the company, is a world-famous collector of antique eyewear, and has collected more than 3,000 pieces of eyewear since he was 14 years old by visiting flea markets. The beautiful products designed based on his collection have influenced not only users but also opticians around the world.


Lunor’s products have been produced in Germany and Japan, where eyewear production has been highly perfected. In 2020, Lunor built their own factory in Germany. In order to inherit “Made In Germany” concept, then they started in-house production. The company continues to evolve with the aim of stable and continuous manufacturing, such as productions of standard models and reprinting of  names released by Lunor in the past.


Lunor produces the standard models stably and reproduces the past models from their archives. And they continue evolving to “stable and continuous manufacturing”.


In the 2000’s, Mr. Gernot left Lunor. But his aesthetics, delicate design, and commitment to manufacturing of eyewear were inherited, and Lunor continues to release products with a sense of traditional and functional beauty.


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