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EYEVAN / アイヴァン
EYEVAN / アイヴァン

EYEVAN / アイヴァン





2017年9月、「Capsule collection」と題し、EYEVANが80年代に生んだ代表的なモデルが復刻され発表されています。




Eyevan is the first fashion eyewear brand in Japan. It was born in 1972 with the concept “Eyewear for dressing as a fashion item”. Based on a design of antique eyewear from all over the world, the then design team added aesthetic sense and sensitivity to their design. Such beautiful eyewear made only by skilled craftsman and it made a lot of fans all over the world.


This brand “EYEVAN” created the new trend “Enjoy wearing eyewear as a part of fashion” then by its beautiful design and ensured high quality of “made in Japan”. EYEVAN changed consciousness about the optical frame which was thought just as a product for correct vision. While their temporary suspension, they designed and produced for various fashion brand and keep influencing the eyewear world.

In September 2017, EYEVAN announced “Capsule collection” that reproducing their representative models of 1980s.


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