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tomas maier / トーマス・マイヤー


The luxury lifestyle brand tomas maier’s sunglass collection has just landed in spring 2016.Tomas Maier was born in Germany and studied at the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. He had worked at a lot of prominent brands, and now, he’s working as creative director at Bottega Veneta. In parallel with those projects, he established his own brand tomas maier in 1997.We have focused on his eyewear collection which are passionated from himself and sympathize with their clean concept and his enthusiastic attitude to work, thereby we offered to carry them collection in Continuer.The collection which produces relaxing atmosphere of east coast would be an attractive item for enjoying your time off. Continuer launches it earlier than any other shops On 23rd, April 2016.

※Continuer Inc.で取扱っている【tomas maier】の商品は、全て正規品です。

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